Funshine Nursery School offers a child-centered education for families in our community. We are passionate about children and their educational journey. We created a well-rounded program fostering an environment for our kids to shine!

Welcome to Funshine!

Our approach to education is building relationships and connections. By forming a connection with each child and family, we can help your children grow in the areas of social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development while on their early childhood education journey with us.

Our team values the child as an individual and because of this we welcome the risk takers, mistake makers and solution seekers. Within ourselves and our students we find we are inventors, scientists, engineers, writers, illustrators, artists, storytellers, adventurers, smile makers, kindness creators and so much more.

Funshine was built with the love and desire to allow the magic, curiosity and discovery of childhood to be placed at the forefront of learning. In this, we celebrate over three decades of creating a lifetime love of learning for each child in our care.

We serve the Northern Dutchess County region in the heart of the Hudson Valley and look forward to meeting you!

Our mission is to create a community of teachers, learners and families who value, respect and nurture one another. Caring and trust allows children to feel safe to take risks – the right kind of risks necessary to grow and learn. We think of ourselves as one big family here and work together to foster the best in each child.

Alignment with core values of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) means children at Funshine thrive and learn in a society dedicated to ensuring they reach their full potential.

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