Fundraiser Fundraiser with Mylalaleggings offering super soft leggings for adults and children in vibrant patterns and fun designs, including upcoming holiday and seasonal prints.  Check out their website listed above.  You must use the hashtag cozy and cute in order for Funshine to receive the profit.  Use promo code MOM at checkout for an extra […]

Parent Testimonial

I can’t eloquently say how much Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Faber and Mrs. Lilly mean to us.  They were not only caring, thoughtful, attentive, and nurturing teachers to our son, but were supportive of us, too.  When we moved here from out-of-state, our oldest son went right to third grade, so we weren’t familiar with the […]

Parent Testimonials

From Kris Peterson regarding Jean:  My daughter attended Ms. G’s three’s class last year.  We were new to the area, and it was my daughter’s first experience in a more structured school setting.  The transition proved to be a bit difficult for all of us, but Ms. G was so receptive to my daughter’s needs, […]

Parent Testimonial

Starting Pre K for many families is a time of excitement, anxiety, joy and sadness.  It might be the first time your child will be taken care of by somenone other than a family member.  The beauty of Funshine is that you will quickly learn it is your “extended family”.  Every teacher, teacher assistant and […]