Four year old

Your child’s curiosity fuels learning and discovery! At this age we begin to see a great expansion of growth in students’ skills, knowledge and their excitement to share these things with their peers, teachers and the world outside our doors.

Welcome to the four year old program!

This classroom is the stepping stone to your child’s
pre-kindergarten year. Our passion for inquisitive learning ignites our team’s intentional program planning. Keeping school readiness skills in mind, our teachers introduce students to critical thinking activities to drive discussion and curiosity. Students are encouraged to take their learning experience a step further, ask questions, make mistakes, try again and succeed. We equip children with essential problem solving skills and further introduce activities which promote independence.

A typical day in our classroom includes free play, literacy, music and movement, math, science and creative tabletop activities supporting the current curriculum.

Come discover and learn with us!

We look forward to connecting with you and your child!

“Enriching, creative and loving care.”
-Katelyn Clark