Parent Testimonial

I can’t eloquently say how much Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Faber and Mrs. Lilly mean to us.  They were not only caring, thoughtful, attentive, and nurturing teachers to our son, but were supportive of us, too.  When we moved here from out-of-state, our oldest son went right to third grade, so we weren’t familiar with the ins and outs of preparing for the local kindergarten.  Mrs. Cooper helped us recognize how best to support our son in his academic growth and development and we will be forever grateful…..Not to mention, the handmade mouse and its’ little bed that the teachers worked so hard to make each child for the holidays and is still a treasured addition in my sons’ room!  Truly, all of the Funshine staff has been just amazing and will always have a special please in our hearts!  Thank you for everything!  The community is so lucky to have you..

Warmly and with love,  Elizabeth