Parent Testimonial

Starting Pre K for many families is a time of excitement, anxiety, joy and sadness.  It might be the first time your child will be taken care of by somenone other than a family member.  The beauty of Funshine is that you will quickly learn it is your “extended family”.  Every teacher, teacher assistant and administrative staff member takes on the responsibility to nurture each and every child.  They genuinely care about each and every little one’s development and truly love their work.

Mrs. Cooper does an exceptional job of preparing the children for kindergarten in an academic, social and emotional manner.   The design of the curriculum includes profound quality art projects, music, sensory and reading lessons that will impress and warm your heart.  The recent addition of a classroom app allows parents to understand what was taught each day (including books, songs and photos) and actively engage your child at home through dinner table discussion and extended learning.  They reinforce learning and social awareness in the community with field trips to local farms and gardens and continue to be active participants in town events.  We honestly couldn’t be more grateful for the instrumental love and teaching shown to our family from our  Funshine “home”.