As your child prepares for kindergarten our program allows each child to navigate this important year in their life with excitement, curiosity, adventuresome play, and age-appropriate academic activities. We continue to build upon the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development they have gained in their early educational journey to nurture a lifelong love of learning as they enter their primary school years.

Welcome to our Prekindergarten program!

This program embraces the concepts introduced in our four year old curriculum and builds upon them. A typical day includes free play, math, science experiments, literacy, name identification and writing, creative thinking, problem solving, and self help skills. Community is important to us. Staff provide opportunities for our students to build and foster our classroom community and beyond.

Children are seen as respected, capable, contributing members, learning at their own pace and in their own unique way. The teachers assist children with proposing questions, making hypotheses, and seeking answers. Our program aims to provide a well-rounded preschool experience, and develop independent, self confident, solution seeking individuals. We cultivate an environment where children can share, communicate, create and collaborate – all essential skills for kindergarten and beyond.

We cannot wait to share and work alongside your pre-kindergartener!

We look forward to a fantastic preschool adventure!

“I recommend Funshine unequivocally to any parent.”
-Emily Wenner