Three year old

Your child is at an exciting phase in their development. Children are making peer connections, asking questions and discovering! Our team has developed a program embracing that excitement!

Welcome to the three year old program!

Each child is learning and growing at their own pace. In our classroom you will find a program rich in promoting self help skills, developing a community of helpers, and curating a curiosity for learning and asking questions.

We learn best by doing, by exploring, and taking risks. Our program introduces the initial steps to independence in self help skills and we continue to build on the educational foundation provided in our toddler program with additional age-appropriate academic activities. Here, our students are introduced to self-guided table top and small group activities.

Creativity is embraced in all aspects of our classroom from play, art, storytelling, to music and movement, which in turn establishes an academic cornerstone for success.

Come discover with us!

We look forward to being part of your child’s journey!

“A home away from home.”
– Lyndsey Dussling