School Year

We offer a year-round program grounded in a play-based strategy while also meeting NYS standards for early childhood education.

We find tremendous benefits in both our indoor and outdoor classrooms while developing our curriculum alongside our students’ interests. Within these classrooms your children experience both small and large group sessions which focus on key components in child development.

Our teachers invest a significant amount of time building relationships with children, in order for them to develop trust and feel safe enough to express their emotions and take risks. Staff are present and engaged, role modeling acceptable behavior and providing consistent expectations. Teachers are proactive, designing the environment to minimize issues, ready to redirect actions when necessary and supporting peer problem-solving.

We love art! Every child is an artist and within them… a masterpiece! We provide a safe and encouraging environment for children to share their dreams and creations. Our approach to art is individual expression and the exploration of materials.

Our staff create art portfolios for each student beginning their first day at Funshine. That portfolio then follows them throughout their journey in our program, from classroom to classroom as they grow. This is a treasured keepsake for our students and families.

We love to show the artist’s process. You will find our bulletin boards include photos of children in the midst of their artwork, quotes from students reflecting on their work and hand printed words from the artist themselves, as it is all part of the art process and its benefits. Kids love to share their work. When we display their masterpieces we open doors to expression of creativity and storytelling.

Student art is just a snapshot into your child’s preschool experience. Through art, play, fine and gross motor activities, music, literacy, sensory experiences, problem solving and community- building our staff helps each child grow and succeed.

Cultivating a connection between home and school is a priority. Our staff values each family and respects every child’s background, understanding that it plays a vital role in the success here at Funshine.

One of the ways we enjoy staying connected is through our communication app. You can look forward to receiving weekly classroom updates along with photos. This tool helps facilitate meaningful conversation between you and your child.

In addition, we offer two formal parent teacher conferences each school year; however, families are welcome to schedule meetings as the need arises to ensure continuity between home and school.

Finally, we offer opportunities for families to participate in the classroom, whether it is sharing a family tradition, reading your child’s favorite story in class or participating in our community helpers unit, we want your family to feel welcome here!

“High quality early childhood environment right here in the Hudson Valley.” -Katelyn Clark